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All Volunteer Army?

Many Conservative bloggers are posting letters home from GI's in Iraq, trying to paint a rosie picture of the chaos in Iraq. They are trying to paint the picture that the the fighting men and women of America are all 100% behind this administration and their flawed policy in Iraq. Well, it seems all may not be so rosie for some of our men and women in uniform.

Members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Carson, Colorado have been forced into re-enlisting to avoid combat duty in Iraq. I guess Bush does have a special knack for avoiding combat, but this is amazing.

"They said if you refuse to re-enlist with the 3rd Brigade, we'll send you down to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, which is going to Iraq for a year, and you can stay with them, or we'll send you to Korea, or to Fort Riley (in Kansas) where they're going to Iraq," said one of the soldiers, a sergeant.

The second soldier, an enlisted man who was interviewed separately, essentially echoed that view.

"They told us if we don't re-enlist, then we'd have to be reassigned. And where we're most needed is in units that are going back to Iraq in the next couple of months. So if you think you're getting out, you're not," he said.
The brigade's presentation outraged many soldiers who are close to fulfilling their obligation and are looking forward to civilian life, the sergeant said.
"We have a whole platoon who refuses to sign," he said.

How many of these guys to you think will be voting for Bush in November?


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