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Beware Another "Mission Accomplished" Claim

As mentioned here earlier this week, Robert Novak is advancing the theory that if re-elected George W Bush will pull all US troops out of Iraq in January. I was, and still am, skeptical about anything Novak would say, but after listening to Ayad Allawi and Bush trying to convince everyone today that elections in Iraq will go on as scheduled in January regardless of the disarray and violence there, I think he may be correct.

Here is what I could envision happening. Elections are held in Iraq in January. Because of violence and inability to protect voters, turnout is abysmal, but now they can say free elections have been held. That will enable Bush to proclaim "Mission Accomplished". I mean we said we would get rid of Saddam and we did, then we said we would make sure elections took place and we did. We won the war! Let's go home!

Of course as we already know, simply saying "Mission Accomplished" doesn't make it so. It was May 1, 2003 when Bush declared the war in Iraq over the first time. If he declares it over for good in January, naturally it won't really be over. All estimates indicate that Iraq is very near civil war even now, what about when we leave? Despite Bush claims that we are safer now than before, you may have noticed that there are many more terrorists operating in Iraq now than before. And our leaving would open the door for Pro-Iranian cleric Muqtada al-Sader to seize control. You may remember that Iran probably has nuclear weapons already, so if al-Sader where to come to power, it would only be a matter of time before Iraq had nuclear weapons. Sort of self fulfilling prophecy ain't it.


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