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Flip Flop?

Republicans like to chant "flip flop, flip flop" everytime John Kerry's name is mentioned. Apparently conservatives find virtue in picking a position and then no matter what else happens or what other information becomes available, sticking with that position. By that logic one would just continue to drive straight down the road even if the road curved to the left or right and then just drive off the road completely. It is ridiculous. As John Kerry himself said in his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, he sees complexity in issues. Thank God! Almost nothing is as simple as Republicans want you to believe. Two gay people getting married has nothing to do with whether or not my wife and I get a divorce. All Islamic terrorists are not the same, they are not all controlled by Osama bin Laden and they actually have their own agenda. A tax cut is not always a tax cut. Republicans don't want you to look too deeply into issues, they simply want to get you to have a gut reaction to an issue and then act on that gut reaction as opposed to really looking at all sides of an issue and making the best decision from there. Part of this process is to (gasp) change your mind if better information becomes available. Besides, it isn't like "W" has never changed his mind. Just click on the title of this post to see.


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