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George W Bush...Not Staying the Course?

Lost in all the talk about "Memo Gate" on Fox News, was an article written Robert Novak in which he asserts that a Bush Administration official told him that Bush plans to pull out of Iraq after the election. Interesting that the Conservative media hasn't said one word about this report from one of their golden boys. Now I would say that I'm skeptical about anything Novak says, but as has been demonstrated in the past, Novak seems to have a direct line to Karl Rove, so it should at least be considered that he may be right.

If this story is true, it is disturbing on so many levels. First of all, Bush has no other issue in this election. He has built his entire presidency and his entire campaign on 9/11 and the war on terror. He and all Conservatives are always preaching to us that we have to "Stay the course" in Iraq. That no matter how bleak it is, we have to stay there until the job is finished. Now that job has never really been defined, nor has that end point, but I don't think most envisioned the end being leaving the country in chaos, with warring factions still roaming the streets and civil war just a whisper away. If his plan is to leave in January why does he not say so now? The answer is, of course, that if he did he would absolutely nothing to run his campaign on.

That point being made, one can only conclude that if Bush would indeed pull out of Iraq after the election, that he has made a calculated, conscious decision to sacrifice over 1,000 American lives to simply get re-elected. If that where to be the case that would truly be worse than Watergate, Bush's military record, Kerry's military record, the Supreme Court picking our President, bigger than almost any other story in recent memory. I don't want to criticize the decision (if indeed that is the decision that has been made), but why not pull out now? Is two more months going to accomplish anything besides more American deaths and giving Bush an issue to run on? I think we all know the answer to that question.

After months of Bush and all his neo-con cronies telling us we are unpatriotic to suggest the war in Iraq was a mistake, and that John Kerry is a "Flip Flopper" this would be the ultimate betrayal of American troops and the American people and the ultimate flip flip, with deadly consequences. Again, I have no way to know if Novak has any idea what he is talking about, but I will say again, somebody inside the administration has provided him with credible knowledge in the past, so the possibility, at least, exists that this is true. If it is, every Conservative in the country owes us all an apology and George W Bush should go down as the worst President in history.

Time will tell I guess. Hopefully Kerry will win the election and we will never find out what Bush is planning.


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