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Good News - Bad News

According to Electoral-Vote.com Bush is now ahead of Kerry in the Electoral College by a margin of 317-207. The good news is that they are also projecting that the Democrats will take back the Senate come November (counting Sen. Jeffords as a Democrat) by a margin of 51-49. That means, of course, that our own Tom Daschle would be Majority Leader again. As if you needed it, there's another reason to vote for Daschle come November 2.

The key close Senate races are:
Alaska: Knowles (D) 46% - Murkowski (R) 45%
Colorado: Salazar (D) 46% - Coors (R) 51%
Florida: Castor (D) 43% - Martinez (R) 42%
Oklahoma: Carson (D) 44% - Coburn (R) 39%
South Dakota: Daschle (D) 50% - Thune (R) 45%

Let's make sure we do our part here in South Dakota to ensure that we take back the Senate.


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