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I'm Confused (Again)

The way I understand the Administrations line is that the more dangerous things in the world are, the closer we are to being attacked again the more one should want to vote for Bush & Co. It always seemed odd to me that they claimed they where making us safer given the fact that last year there where more terrorist attacks in the world than in any year EVER before. Now, I guess they are changing their tune. According to Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage the escalating violence in Iraq is an attempt by insurgents and terrorists to "influence the election against President Bush," He then went on to say "It's quite obvious that they would like to raise [the] costs to President Bush. I think this is their cynical effort to do that and to somehow influence our elections, and they will fail,"

So on one hand Bush is the only person in the free world who can keep us safe, but at the first sign (or at least the latest sign) of escalating violence in Iraq, Armitage seems to be saying that the American people may realize Bush can't keep us safe if he can't control Iraq. Which is it? If Bush is the only person who can keep us safe Armitage and boys should be delighted with the news in Iraq. Guess he better check the team playbook.


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