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An Interesting Idea

Colorado is voting on splitting their electoral college votes based on the proportion of popular votes that each candidates receives. This seems like a good idea. People who live in traditionally Republican or Democratic states basically never have their vote for President count. Also, if you live in a state that always votes one way or the other you are pretty much ignored by Presidential candidates. This system would change all that. Of course Republicans aren't happy about this. They even have a group with a catchy name...Coloradans Against a Really Stupid Idea. Of course they think it's a really stupid idea because had this system been in effect in 2000 Colorado would have gone 5-3 for Bush instead of 8-0. That would have been enough however to make Al Gore the President of the United States by a count of 270-268. I bet if Kerry was ahead in Colorado the name of the their group would be Coloradans For a Really Cool Idea.

In the article linked above there is a quote from a college professor named George C Edwards III. Mr. Edwards has written a book called "Why the Electoral College Is Bad for America," Mr Edwards is quoted as saying "The basic motivation (for the winner take all electoral college) was greed on the part of the dominant party (Republicans right now)," The funny thing is this guy is a Professor at the George Bush School of Political Science at Texas A&M University. I bet that poor bastard doesn't have a job anymore.


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