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John Thune

On Meet The Press this morning not only did John Thune not distance himself from the remarks made by SD GOP Chair Randy Frederick, but he added to them by saying that Daschle's words "embolden the enemy". Again I ask, are we really supposed to believe that this guy will stand up to the President (assuming Bush is still the President) when he lacks the courage to stand up to third party groups running dishonest negative ads on his behalf or to the chair of the state GOP? I guess if the Democratic leader of the Senate raises questions regarding the President and his policies he is guilty of treason. What does that make Thune guilty of since he voted for the impeachment of President Clinton? I ask, who is the real patriot here? The man who stands up and says we are on the wrong path and America can and should to better or the man who sits down and follows the President right or wrong?

As for all this ridiculous talk about the gas tax, Thune said himself today that he would not vote to repeal the gas tax, so I guess he is criticizing Daschle for doing exactly what Thune would do given the opportunity. What kind of sense does that make?

I also heard a "Flip Flop" from Thune today. As Russert pointed out, back in 1996 Thune said he would not support any more tax cuts until the budget was balanced. When pressed by Russert Thune said that since 9/11 things have changed and he now believes that there is no way to balance the budget at this time and that he would vote to make Bush's tax cut permanent. Again at least we now have proof that Thune is in lock-step with the administration, even if it means being the worst thing known to Republican-kind, the dreaded Flip Flopper.

Very interesting.


At 9/19/2004 06:43:00 PM, Blogger Bob Frapples said...

Tom Daschle

The only dishonest ads run to date in the Daschle v. Thune campaign are those by Daschle. Your conclusion is based on a false premise.

Daschle acknowledged that he could have picked a better time to make his remarks. Voting to impeach a President is the opposite of treason. It's fulfilling your patriotic duty.

Thune voted against this President when he was in the House. Your (and Daschle's) claims that he won't be independent of the White House are a fiction.

Flip flops? For Daschle they're huge:

Abortion: pro-life to pro-abortion.

Taxes: Signs pledge never to raise rates - raises rates.

Gun control: Stick finger in air, see which way wind is blowing today.

Bush: Love him - hate him.

And you have to ask yourself, given Daschle's pathetic meltdown at the end of the show, can't we do better than a guy who sits down and follows Hilary and Pelosi right or wrong?

At 9/20/2004 07:01:00 AM, Blogger Trent Dlugosh said...

Daschle did say he could have found a better time to say what he said, but it seems to be a consistent theme for all Republicans, that anytime you criticize or want to debate the war you are unpatriotic which simply isn't true. As for impeachment, isn't it possible that all the federal agents and all the resources that where comitted to impeachment on what was a personal issue, gave "comfort to or emboldened our enemies" in the critical months prior to 9/11? I mean if all those FBI agents had been in the field maybe 9/11 could have been stopped. I know it sounds crazy, but no crazier than asserting that criticism of policy is treasonous.

At 9/20/2004 07:19:00 PM, Blogger Douglas said...

Frapple sure is busy spreading the same humbug around SD Blogs. Smoke and mirrors to protect Bush and Thune.


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