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New Nukes

Now our "Compassionate Conservative" leadership is pushing tactical nuclear weapons so called "Bunker Busters" that could be used against terrorists. The cost of these new nukes would be in the neighborhood of $28 million, plus Bush is asking for another $9 million for tactical nuclear weapons research and yet another $30 million to prepare for the resumption of atomic testing. I have several concerns about this.

First, are we really willing to use nuclear weapons again? I mean are we really going to drop "The Bomb" on somebody again even terrorists? I have my doubts. If we are not going to use them, then why spend the money to develop them? I mean it's a pretty expensive toy to play with and never use.

Next, I would hope we would never use these weapons. Do we really want to contemplate a world that includes nations like Iran, North Korea and maybe even Syria having nuclear weapons and then we actually use nuclear weapons on terrorists? See, those nations don't view terrorists as the bad guys. To these people the terrorists are the good guys. If we use nuclear weapons on terrorists aren't we even a little worried that we will be giving Iran the go ahead to fire on us? Let me assure you that if that happens Iran won't have their warheads pointed at military targets, they will be pointed at you and I.

I know this new United States doesn't care what any other nation (friend or foe) thinks of us. I know we are now willing and even eager to "Go it alone" when we can't strongarm others into our way of thinking. But are we really ready to be the only nation to use nuclear weapons again? How can we tell the rest of the world they shouldn't be developing nuclear weapons while we are doing so? How can we use nuclear weapons and tell the rest of the world they can't? I know the answer from our Conservative leadership...Because we are America...That's why. Well, that's not good enough. At a time when much of the rest of the world hates us and even our traditional allies have been alienated by this administration and it's policies, we are actually considering the use of nuclear weapons. That would permanently injure or completely sever centuries old alliances and partnerships at a time when we need all the allies we can get as we continue to fight a world wide war on terror, a fact that Bush reminds us of daily.

The Bush Administration must be stopped now before it is too late.


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