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Oh That Crazy Alan Keyes

Illinois Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. If it seem like Alan Keyes is saying something ridiculous every day in his Senate race against Democratic Superstar Barack Obama, that's because he is. Now he has admitted as much. At a meeting of top Republican donors in Illinois Keyes said he plans to make "inflammatory" comments "every day, every week" until the election. Apparently it doesn't really matter if the comments are true, only that they are inflammatory.

Earlier in the campaign Keyes asserted that he is in contact with the Almighty by saying that
Jesus would not vote for Obama. Keyes also apparently thinks African-Americans are unable to think for themselves when God is mentioned. He has promised that he can lock up as much as 25% of the black vote by simply saying over and over again that Jesus wouldn't vote for Obama.

Honestly, the Illinois GOP would have been better off just letting Obama run un-opposed.


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