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South Dakota Senate Race

With a nationally televised debate on Meet the Press looming on Sunday morning, the South Dakota GOP is in total slime mode. As mentioned here before, Randy Frederick, state chair for the SD GOP has been sending around a letter saying that Tom Daschle has given aid and comfort to America's enemies...or in other words has committed treason. Of course in typical Republican form Thune has washed his hands of the entire matter claiming he can't control what others say on his behalf. Here is the latest according to Ben Hanten at Daily Caucus:

"Today, Rapid City veteran Dick Lemke hand delivered a letter to John Thune asking him to end his silence and denounce Randy Fredrick's comments accusing Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle of treason. The letter was signed by over 50 veterans from around South Dakota. Lemke delivered the letter to Thune at the South Dakota Trucking Association meeting being held in Rapid City today at the Ramkota Inn. The letter was originally faxed to Thune on Thursday." Then Hanten added this personal story, "I just called Thune's SF office to register my concern. 'We didn't have anything to do with that, you know?' the staffer said. 'But wasn't it a fundraising letter to help defeat Tom Daschle?' I asked. 'Um, well actually I haven't seen it -- just on TV you know -- but we can't... we don't have any control over what they say.'

If it wasn't so typical I would say it's unbelievable.


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