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Watch For Negative Patriotism Tonight

Since tonight's debate is on foreign policy, see if you can count how many times Bush uses negative patriotism. Negative patriotism is defined by Robert Reich as patriotism that "stifles dissent at home and insists that America be so much stronger militarily than any other nation that we can bully others into submission."

It's easy to see that all conservatives subscribe to this notion. John Thune has said that Tom Daschle's words
"embolden the enemy" implying that debate about something as serious as our nation going to war is unpatriotic. Not long after that President Bush used the exact same words "embolden the enemy" when talking about John Kerry questioning Bush's rosy portrayal of the situation in Iraq. On Tuesday night Michael Savage said on his radio show that "Liberals are seditious vermin and should all be burned" while ranting and lying about comments made by Senator Ted Kennedy.

As Reich points out "The radcon version of patriotism requires no real sacrifice by most Americans, nor does it ask anything of the more fortunate members of our society. Radcons don't link patriotism to a citizen's duty to pay his or her fair share of taxes to support the nation. And they don't think patriotism requires that all citizens serve the nation. Theirs is a shallow patriotism that derives its emotional force from disdaining foreign cultures and confronting foreign opponents. As such, it imperils the future security of America and the world,"

When Bush starts to call Kerry unpatriotic tonight (and he will), Kerry should ask him how patriotic it is to fight a war on the cheap and run up the largest deficit in history and all the while give rich Americans a tax break. He should ask him how patriotic it is to force National Guard and Reserve members into combat situations for which they where never trained. He should ask him how patriotic it is to force these brave men and women to
re-enlist or be sent back to Iraq. He should ask the President how patriotic it is for himself and his Vice President to be running around telling people that if they elect John Kerry (a decorated war hero) that we will be attacked by terrorists again.

If Bush and other Conservatives where really concerned about patriotism they would be willing to pay for this war instead of leaving the burden our kids and grandkids. If they where true patriots they would institute a system of mandatory national service for all young Americans regardless of who your daddy is. Just like Rumsfeld taking "responsibility" for the prison abuse scandal was easy considering there where no ramifications for taking responsibility, so is it easy to be patriotic when it only requires calling others who don't agree with you unpatriotic.

So let's count tonight and see how many times Bush says, in one way or another, that he is more patriotic than Kerry and see just how ridiculous it all sounds. I'll be back tomorrow with my count, let me know how many you counted too.

By the way, everyone should Reich's new book
"Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America" it will make you proud to be a Liberal.


At 9/30/2004 10:14:00 PM, Blogger Trent Dlugosh said...

I counted at least 10 times that Bush said something along the lines of "we can't send mixed messages to our troops or our enemies" of course implying that Kerry would be soft on terrorism.


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