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What John Kerry Actually Said

Radical Conservative radio talk show host and Fox News "journalist" Sean Hannity rails daily on both radio and TV that John Kerry accused American soldiers of committing atrocities in Viet Nam. Hannity is also fond of saying that Kerry admitted to committing atrocities himself and continues to demand that Kerry tell us exactly what atrocities he committed and why he didn't report the atrocities he saw. Ollie North then comes on the air and actually wants us to believe that not a single atrocity occurred in Viet Nam despite what the Toledo Blade http://www.toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20031022/SRTIGERFORCE/110190169 has recently reported.

There are so many ridiculous arguments here that it is difficult to know where to begin. But a good to place to start is by actually reading what Kerry testified to in front of congress on April 22, 1971 http://www.richmond.edu/~ebolt/history398/JohnKerryTestimony.html.

Kerry admitted to only two acts that he called atrocities. Taking part in so called Free Fire Zones, which decreed that American troops should fire on anything that moved, man, woman or child. He also admits burning villages. He himself calls these two acts atrocities, but according the the United States Military, they are not, even though they do violate the Geneva Conventions (sound familiar?). That is because both tactics where official military doctrine in Viet Nam. For North and Hannity to pretend that is not true is simply dishonest and an attempt to mislead the public.

As for the other atrocities Kerry testified to in 1971, if Hannity bothered to check it out he would find that it wasn't Kerry making these accusations, but other Viet Nam Vets. The vets gave him this information at a meeting in Detroit called the Winter Soldier Conference. At that conference Kerry never testified, he only moderated. Kerry then took these comments to congress in 1971.

This is typical of Hannity and most Radical Conservative on the air today.


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