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Why Does South Dakota Vote For Bush?

A recent poll shows Bush leading Kerry in South Dakota 58%-39%. I just can't figure it out. Time and time again Bush has slapped South Dakota in the face and we just keep coming back for more. As more and more of our Guard units get called up (as Daschle pointed out, if South Dakota where a country we would be the 7th largest member of the coalition), he just keeps saying "NO!" to drought relief for South Dakota's farmers and ranchers. Peter Cohn reported yesterday that
"Aides involved in the talks said the White House is demanding the package be offset with spending cuts elsewhere, although one top GOP aide said so far the administration has not threatened a veto. House conservatives want the drought package to be offset."
Funny how when it comes to giving farmers and ranchers money it has to be "offset", but when it comes to giving rich people a tax break while fighting a war, there is no such need.

Cohn goes on to point out that
"The Bush administration has requested $10.2 billion, limited to covering losses related to the four hurricanes that have ravaged Southern and Eastern states"
Do you think it is just a coincidence that Florida is getting aid while good old South Dakota gets nothing? I mean it seems pretty clear that Bush realizes that no matter what he does South Dakota will vote for him, so he's better off saving that money to bribe Floridians for their votes.

Of course our would-be "independent voice for South Dakota in the Senate" had a response,
"John Thune has been very clear; he supports what the Senate did," said Thune's spokesman. "He would be on the other side of the White House on this issue."

He doesn't say he would do anything about it, but at least he is on the other side.


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