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WMD and Nuclear Scientists

So let me just see if I follow: Iraq has WMD so we must invade. OK, they don't really have them, but they had the ability to make them and besides, they probably just moved all the weapons to Syria before the invasion. Now, apparently not only did Saddam move his WMD to Syria, but he moved his nuclear scientists as well. World Net Daily is reporting that "A group of about 12 middle-ranking Iraqi nuclear technicians and their families were transported to Syria before the collapse of Saddam's regime, says the report. The transfer was arranged under a combined operation by Hussein's Special Security Organization and Syrian Military Security, which is headed by Arif Shawqat, the Syrian president's brother-in-law."

They go on to say that "There is evidence Syria has acquired a number of gas centrifuges -- probably from North Korea -- that can be used to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb."

Yeah, that war in Iraq is sure making me feel a lot safer. Now Syria and Iran both have access to Saddam's scientists and North Korea is providing the material required for both nations to join the nuclear fraternity. I wonder when Bush-Cheney are going to get around to doing something about Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc. and Osama bin Laden?


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