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Even More Missing Explosives

David DeBatto on Salon.com is reporting that,
"The same month Al Qaqaa was being stripped of high explosives, I warned my military intelligence unit of another weapons facility that was being cleaned out. But nothing was done."
DeBatto is an author and former U.S. Army counterintelligence agent who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This story is pretty much like the others except I found this part especially intriguing,

"one source in Samarra, a tribal sheik, said that an Iraqi expatriate living in Syria had been sending drivers across the porous border between the two countries and systematically looting weapons storage facilities, including Al Qaqaa, for material to be used in making IEDs (improvised explosive devices). Until that time, late spring of 2003, IEDs were virtually unknown in Iraq. But beginning around June, they became a common threat to U.S. forces around Anaconda and elsewhere."

Seems not only did Team Bush not send enough troops to guard all the WMD they told where in Iraq, but the didn't send enough to secure the border with Syria either, which would seem to be priority since even before the invasion they where telling us that some of the WMD might already be in Syria. Of course why would Team Bush guard the Iraqi borders when they show no interest in guarding American borders?

With regard to the IED's mentioned in the story, I think it was very nice of Team Bush to arm the terrorists with even better weapons than they had before we got there. Saddam did a better job of keeping our soldiers safe than Bush has.

I will ask again, why will the military vote overwhelmingly for Bush on Tuesday as he continues to put their lives in even greater danger on what seems to be a daily basis?


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