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FOX "News" Duped

Of course nobody wants to hold FOX News accountable for anything they say or do, but this is pretty funny, I found this on Atrios. Seems Fox Nes ran a story on their website quoting a person from "Communists for Kerry" as saying,
"We're trying to get Comrade Kerry elected and get that capitalist enabler
George Bush out of office," said 17-year-old Komoselutes Rob of Communists for
Kerry."Even though he, too, is a capitalist, he supports my socialist values
more than President Bush," Rob said, before assuring FOXNews.com that his organization was not a parody group. When asked his thoughts on Washington's policy toward Communist holdout North Korea, Rob said: "The North Koreans are my comrades to a point, and I'm sure they support Comrade Kerry, too." They story went on to say, apparently seriously "It is unclear whether the Kerry campaign has welcomed the Communists' endorsement."

Of course the
"Communists for Kerry" group is actually
"a campaign of the Hellgate Republican Club, a tax exempt non-partisan public advocacy "527" organization that exists for the purpose of;"Informing voters with satire and irony, how political candidates make decisions based on the failed social economic principles of socialism that punish the individual by preventing them from becoming their dream through proven ideas of entrepreneurship and freedom."

Here is a
link to the story as it now appears on the Fox website, but it has been cleaned up. If you scroll all the way to the bottom though, you will find this little bit of comedy,

Editor’s Note:
"In a version of this article that was published earlier, the
Communists for Kerry group was portrayed as an organization that was supporting John Kerry for president. FOXNews.com’s reporter asked the group’s representative several times whether the group was legitimate and supporting the Democratic candidate, and the spokesman insisted that it was. The Communists for Kerry group is, in fact, a parody organization."


At 11/14/2004 10:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish everyone would realize one thing and one thing only about the elections.

No one but hard liners in each party had anyone they really wanted to vote in.

It is time we drop 2 parties and just select someone who does the best for the USA not the rest of the world. We own the goverment or are suppose to but we never have anyone who really does anything for you or me only the people and companies that paid thier way into office.

My 2 cents.

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