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I'm Back From Florida

Happy to be back from sunny Florida. I tried a little experiment while I was there, I wore my "Anybody But Bush" t-shirt to the beach and pier in Tampa one day and then I wore by "Kerry-Edwards" shirt to Disney's Magic Kingdom one day. While walking around the Tampa Pier I ran into seven people wearing some sort of Kerry-Edwards gear, and was given "thumbs up" from about ten more people apparent supports of Kerry. I saw nobody sporting any "Bush-Cheney" gear and only one person yelled obscenities at me, my wife and my four-year-old daughter (I shouldn't repeat what they called me here...But it rhymes with maggot-lover). I guess he was a Bush supporter.

My experience at Disney was similar. I saw around 15 people with either Kerry-Edwards or Betty Castor gear, and again not one person professing their never-ending love for Dubya. I also got several affirmations from passers-by saying things like "keep the faith", "make sure to vote" and "Kerry rules!" The Disney crowd was less vulgar as well, if anybody had negative things to say to me, they kept them to themselves.

I keep seeing all these polls saying Bush is even or slightly ahead in Florida, but I don't who they are polling, my own unscientific poll of Disney World and Tampa's Pier show Kerry ahead by about 98%, so I'm calling Florida for Kerry right now.


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