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John Thune Emboldens Enemy

I was shocked to open yesterday's Argus Leader to see John Thune emboldening the enemy with his relentless attacks on the United States Constitution. Mr. Thune obviously has a deep seated hatred for his country. I mean his solution to everything is to amend the constitution. He hates gays so he favors an amendment to keep them from marrying each other. He hates anyone who is not a Christian so he favors an amendment that would allow Christian prayer in our public schools, he hates those who choose to use their freedom of speech so he favors an amendment against flag burning and he hates women so he favors an laws that would take away their right to choose. Has Mr. Thune forgotten we are at war? As the GOP likes to tell us, wartime is no time for political debate, it is a time to come together as a country. If Mr. Thune continues to give aid and comfort to our enemies by attacking the Constitution of this great country, I just don't see how he can be entrusted with the security of our nation.


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