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Kerry Wins Debate

I thought Kerry spoke concisely and forcefully and left Bush speechless several times. I will say that Bush did what he always does, he stayed "on point". No matter what the question was his response was always the same, "We can't send mixed messages to the troops or our enemies" and "how can you lead the nation and build a coalition if you say 'wrong war, wrong place, wrong time'. Half the time it made no sense in the context of the question that was asked, but he did keep saying it over and over again.

One thing that really bothered me was when Bush kept asking how it would sound to the world if he said what Kerry said. It always went something like, "How would it look for the President of the United States to say 'wrong war, wrong place wrong time?' Does he really think we are that stupid or is he that stupid? It would sound pretty ridiculous for the man who chose to go to war to say what Kerry is saying, on the other hand, if Kerry where President he wouldn't have to say it because it wouldn't have happened that way. It was very frustrating to watch. I'm not sure if it matters but I think Kerry won handily.

Some poll results as of 12:20 pm CDT:

MSNBC has Kerry winning 70% to 30% with about 614000 votes

CNN.com has Kerry winning 78% to 14% with 4% saying it was even with about 1.8 million votes

The instant polls where closer but still showed Kerry winning: Gallup had it at Kerry 46% Bush 37%, CBS had Kerry at 44% Bush at 26% and 30 said it was even, ABC had 45% Kerry 36% Bush 17% even. The polls also showed that Kerry didn't gain much with his victory in terms of support, Bush still leads in these polls 51% to 47%.


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