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Let the Lawsuits Begin!!

Early voting stated today in Kabul...I mean Florida...and with predictable results.
"'It's a hiccup, it's a bit more than a hiccup,' Snipes (supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes) told the Sun-Sentinel newspaper."
The "hiccup" was just a little computer problem that kept poll workers from
"accessing a database to find out which one of the county's 152 different ballot styles each voter should have."
Seems Orlando is having trouble too,
"In Orlando, home to the Disney World theme parks, people were kept
waiting for more than two hours by a combination of long lines and computer malfunctions that prevented poll workers from verifying the names and addresses of voters."
I guess Jeb and his boys never saw this coming. It came as a complete surprise to them...I guess...that people would actually vote early,
"In Miami-Dade, poll workers appeared overwhelmed by the hundreds brought to the government center by a rally of trade unions, voter activists and Democrats, and the line to cast an early ballot moved achingly slowly."


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