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More Fun with John Thune

The Asbury Park Press has an interesting little article in it today. It is about how nearly every Republican Representative voted against the establishment of the 9/11 Commission before they voted for it. Of course among those Representatives is John Thune. Listen to his excuse for not voting for the commission in the first place,
"Thune said he opposed it (the 9/11 commission) in 2002 because he was concerned about slowing down the establishment of the Homeland Security Department with other debates. He blamed Democrats for delays on the homeland security bill, such as insisting on labor protection for the new department's employees."
John just wanted to treat them as enemy combatants I suppose.

Remember how Republicans like to say that John Kerry and Tom Daschle stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing before they pick a side? Listen to this analysis of the GOP record on this issue from the Asbury Park Press,
"The vote on the Sept. 11 panel came early in the debate over the Homeland Security Department. Once popular opinion swayed toward creating an independent 9/11 panel, most Republicans went along with the idea and voted for the final version of the homeland security bill containing language to create the commission."

Once again, more following than leading from John Thune.


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