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More Proof of Bush Taking SD for Granted

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that
"GOP leaders said they are determined to approve quickly a $10.2 billion relief package, requested by the Bush administration, to aid victims and assist businesses, farmers and government facilities hurt by recent hurricanes in the Southeast. "
But in response to farm state Senators demands of drought relief in their states the GOP seems to have the following attitude according to the Post
"The drought aid would go mainly to the more arid western Great Plains states, most of which are seen as safe for Bush."
It's only a matter of time before Republicans start to accuse Daschle of obstructionism because he is demanding help for SD farmers and ranchers and holding up the relief package for Florida. On the other hand, if John Thune where our "independent voice in the Senate" we wouldn't have to worry about that, he would just roll over for Bush like he always does.


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