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They Voted Against the $3 Billion Before They Voted for It

Look at these two headlines only one day apart.
House Rejects Drought Relief Bill (10/6/04)
House Passes Drought Legislation (10/7/04)
The first story chronicles how the House voted down $3 billion for drought aid that would have mirrored the bill Senator Tom Daschle has put forth in the Senate. The second story is about how the House then passed $3 billion for drought aid that will be paid for by...the same farmers who it is supposed to be helping.
"The House drought proposal drew fire because it would be paid for by cutting the Conservation Reserve Program, which pays farmers to idle their land. "
Ever notice how Republicans are only worried about how to pay for something when it isn't the rich and powerful who are getting the money? I mean they never sound the alarm when the President slashes taxes while fighting a costly war that our children and grandchildren will now pay for, but when it comes to things like giving middle and lower income people a break on the food tax, or helping out our farmers, well that type of thing must always be offset by cuts someplace else,
"The Senate's three billion dollar drought bill would be financed instead by
borrowing, which makes the federal deficits higher."
Now just wait for all the screaming about Daschle the obstructionist to begin if the Senate insists on helping our farmers and ranchers in the same way we are helping the farmers and ranchers of Florida.


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