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2006 Senate Races

Why not start looking ahead? It's only two years until the next election. There will be 33 Senate seats up for grabs in 2006. Here are the Republican who we need to unseat starting right now:

Richard Lugar in Indiana. Of course Lugar has towed the
party line on discriminating against gays, women and minorities voting among other things to allow job discrimination based on sexual orientation and to stop special funding for women and minority owned businesses. In the GOP continuing effort to make us safer at home, Lugar voted to end the COPS program which provided $1.15 billion for hiring and training police officers. Unless he retires it doesn't appear he will lose, but you never know.

Orrin Hatch in Utah.
Hatch, like Lugar and most other Republicans, feels they have to protect the flag from being burned (when was the last time anyone burned a flag in America anyway), but that people who aren't like him can just fend for themselves. He voted "no" on including sexual orientation in hate crimes legislation, wants to ban same-sex-marriage and wants to ban affirmative action in Federal hiring. He does however feel we "owe it to veterans" to amend the Constitution and outlaw flag burning. Presumably gay burning would still be ok.

See if you can follow the logic in this
Hatchism, "Capital punishment is our society's recognition of the sanctity of human life."

I especially like this little
story, "Senator Orrin Hatch said that he favored the development of technology that would automatically destroy the computers of people who violate copyright restrictions. It was then discovered that Hatch's own website makes use of pirated software."

Stay tuned for more.


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