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Church's Need to Pay Taxes...NOW!!

The time has come to make churches pay taxes. Any pretense that they are not telling their members whom to vote for is a sham. Now, they don't even want to allow Democrats to be in the choir, "State Rep. Barbara L'Italien was asked by the pastor of her church, St. Augustine's, to step down as cantor and head of the youth choir because of her pro-choice stance on abortion."

The Priest in question, one William Cleary made this ridiculous statement, "In this particular case we're dealing with a person who is against the church's position. I can't allow her to be in a public posture -- to be standing up at the pulpit singing or directing singing."

OK Father, then we can't allow you and your church to be tax-exempt anymore. When was the last time you told a Republican to stop teaching Sunday school because he is in favor of Capital Punishment which is also contrary to the teachings of the church? I honestly don't know from where these people get the guts. The Father went on to say he has no problem with L'Italien working with kids "behind the scenes". What does that mean? Because she is Pro-Choice she is somehow going to corrupt all the kids in the choir by leading them in song on Sunday morning, but she won't corrupt them if she spends time with them where others can't see her? I can't follow the logic.

Just like every other irrational Conservative out there, the good Father is willing to overlook everything else this woman has done in her career and for his church, because of her view that abortion should not be made illegal, "L'Italien is one of five parents who run the youth choir, which serves children from age 4 to grade six. Three of her four children have been involved in the choir since it started in 2001", "L'Italien said she has spoken out against the death penalty and casino gambling, and considers her defining issues as her work for the elderly and the disabled. But she said Cleary seemed only interested in her stance on abortion. L'Italien said she cannot make the decision of reproductive choice for anyone else"

Make them pay taxes now!!!


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