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Do Nothing GOP

Once again the Republicans seem determined to waste any mandate they earned in the election. Both chambers are exposing themselves as highly partisan entities that care more about politics than actually accomplishing any meaningful legislation.

In the Senate the Republicans are determined to pack the court with Right-Wing wacko judges and are willing to change the Senate rules to do so with the so-called
"Nuclear Option" This option is sure to make Senate Democrats dig in even deeper and make it even harder for legislation to make it out of the Senate.

Meanwhile in the House, Speaker Dennis Hastert is blocking passage of the bill containing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission because a
"majority of the majority" was not in favor of it. Never mind that the White House and a majority of the House favored the bill, enough House Republicans where against it that Hastert has blocked it.

In two years the Republicans will want you to believe that the Democrats are keeping them from passing legislation, don't believe it.


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