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Fox News In Full Panic Mode

If you haven't turned Fox News on today, do it. It is really pretty funny stuff. You can tell they are in full panic mode. Their own latest poll shows Kerry ahead and gaining even among "likely voters" (I personally think that registered voters ARE likely voters in this election) 48%-46%. More people have a positive opinion of Kerry (50%) than of Bush (49%) and fewer people (44%) have an unfavorable opinion of Kerry than of Bush (46%). Keep in mind this Fox's own poll and it is driving them crazy. The "impartial" hosts are piling on their Democrat guests with such zeal, that most of the time the Republican guest can't even get a word in over the host. It is really fun to watch. I can't wait to see what happens when they have to call Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan and New Mexico all for Kerry tomorrow. They may just not show up for work on Wednesday...we can always hope.


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