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Jamal Simmons for President!

Or at least he should be running the campaign for whomever is the next Democrat to take a crack at the White House. Simmons is the only Democrat that I've heard since the elections who seems to totally understand why we lost, why we always lose and how to fix it.

On Fox News on Wednesday he articulated what I feel is the perfect vision for Democrats going forward. He said that instead of insisting on same sex "marriage", fight for civil unions. Don't call it marriage. That's what people object to. As Simmons correctly points out, if you ask most Americans if they feel same sex partners should be able to pass down property, deal with child custody and have visitation rights in the hospital, they will say yes. If however you call that marriage those same people will say no.

As I have been saying here for some time now, we need to stop being the party of Pro Choice or Pro Abortion and start explaining that we are, of course, Pro Life. Just like Republicans we wish for fewer abortions, however we simply don't believe that making abortion illegal is the way to accomplish that. So, lets start the abortion discussion by reassuring all those "morals" voters, that first and foremost we agree with them. There should be fewer abortions. Now that we agree, lets talk calmly about the best ways to achieve that goal together.

As Simmons also correctly points out, if Democrats can better articulate their views on these and other key "moral" issues in a way that does not make middle America fear that we are going to take their guns, let gay people marry and help teenage girls get abortions as a form of birth control, then we can turn the debate to topics of the economy, jobs, security, taxes, immigration, terror, social security, health care, in short, things Democrats can win on. Simmons points out that the new Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer did just that and won in the state of Marc Racicot the chairman of the Bush re-election campaign.


At 11/19/2004 06:59:00 PM, Blogger The Green Pinko said...

Ah, what a great point. There seems to be so much cringing at progressive ideas. America must be lured into enlightenment, it seems. The right is doing too good at shrouding the vast majority of liberal issues with a few fringe issues. If we can ever articulate the wisdom of equality, choice, and responsibility, we'll do more than succeed in all other areas.


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