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Johnny Carson

I don't know if Johnny Carson is a Democrat or a Republican, but if there where more people like him the world, we would all be much better off. "Carson's $5.3 million gift to UNL last week was the latest in a long string of gifts from the entertainer to the Nebraska and Iowa towns and institutions he seems to remember quite fondly.

Major donations include $2.27 million for a cancer radiation center in his childhood home of Norfolk, Neb.; $500,000 to the Norfolk Library Foundation; $1 million for a Lifelong Learning Center at Northeast Community College; and a string of gifts to his alma mater, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "

Carson also helps in smaller ways that everyone appreciates, "Carson's gifts generally have big effects. Though not the lifesaving institution the cancer center is, a skate park Carson helped provide for the town of his birth, Corning, Iowa, has had a life-changing effect on the young people in that area."

He isn't doing all of this to get votes or gain endorsement deals, he is, apparently, just a nice guy, "Carson, who rarely gives interviews, did not return a request for a comment for this story. That's in character, said officials of Norfolk, the town where Carson grew up. 'He doesn't come and have a big affair,' said Norfolk Mayor Gordon Adams. In fact, the last time Carson was in Norfolk may have been in 1998 for the dedication of the Carson Cancer Center, Adams said. Norfolk residents will tell you the public appearance was probably because the center was named for his parents, not himself.

I just thought was a refreshing story after everything we've been through for last...oh I don't know...FOUR YEARS!


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