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They Don't Have Daschle to Kick Around Anymore

For all those South Dakota voters that thought replacing Tom Daschle with John Thune would magically confirm any judicial nominee sent up by the President, think again. Presumptive Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) has already warned the President about sending the Senate radical right-wing judges. Now Thune and the rest of this Republican "can't do" Senate are busy making excuses for not being able to deliver their radical constituency's the radical judges they so desire. The really amusing part is they are now turning on themselves.

Thune said he was "troubled" by Specter's comments, and went on to say, "there will be some questions asked by those of us who are coming in as freshmen who ran our campaigns built around that very central theme that we need to have good judges on the bench." Thune made the comments in an interview on ABC's "This Week".

Well South Dakota, you wanted it and now you've got it. You have traded in the Senate Minority Leader for a freshman who has no power to get done what you sent him there to do. Do you feel better about yourselves now?

This campaign Thune said you should send him to Washington, in part because Tom Daschle wanted to keep judges from being confirmed, to let gays marry each other and because Daschle was Pro-Choice. When Thune comes home in six years with no radical justices confirmed, no constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and abortion is still illegal, will you listen to his excuses that this time Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chaffee, John McCain and Olympia Snowe kept him from delivering what he promised? It is an embarrassment that Thune, a Senator-elect for less than one week is already on national TV calling for the head of Arlen Specter and covering his own ass for a re-election that is six years away. He should be ashamed, but I'm sure he isn't.


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