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Active Arrest Warrant Out for Kerik

Amongst the shouts of Republicans in the Senate and the administration's continued push for every single Bush judicial nominee to be confirmed, no matter how crazy, comes word that Bernard Kerik is a wanted man. Of course Kerik was to replace Tom Ridge as Secretary of Homeland Security but withdrew on Friday night because, as the story goes, he may have had an illegal immigrant as a nanny.

According to
Newsweek, that may not have been the only reason. Seems Kerik is wanted in New Jersey. "NEWSWEEK has discovered that a New Jersey judge in 1998 had issued an arrest warrant as part of a convoluted series of lawsuits relating to unpaid bills on his condo. The magazine faxed documents, including the arrest warrant, over to the White House around 6:00 p.m. Friday, asking for comment. Neither Kerik nor the White House had any immediate response. At 8:30 p.m., Kerik had submitted his letter to the president."

This just proves how little care the Bush administration takes when nominating people for top positions. It also illustrates why some judges have not been given the oft mentioned "up and down vote" in the Senate. If a person is not qualified why should they even be considered, and if the President won't do the research, I guess it falls to the Senate Democrats.


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