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Clear Channel

Here in South Dakota a right wing blogger is on an almost incoherent rant against local newsman Steve Hemmingsen for refusing to denounce local newspaper reporter David Kranz for possibly having been friendly with Senator Tom Daschle when they where in college and then having the audacity to still earn a living. He also likes to keep track of what he calls liberal hypocrisy. I wonder if he will ever denounce Clear Channel Media?

Just to recap, Clear Channel is one of the largest media companies in the country and is home to the likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. It seems Clear Channel also owns numerous billboards and if they don't have paying customers for those billboards they see fit to put what they call "political public service message's" on them. You know messages like "George W. Bush - Our Leader." Now at first it may not seem like much, I mean Bush is our leader, but imagine if say Kelo-TV had used some unsold time last March to run a commercial with the message "Tom Daschle - Our Senator" it would have been true and yet it don't think it would have gone un-noticed.

Clear Channel's excuse (if you want to call it that) goes like this, "Clear Channel Outdoor markets are operated locally. Local managers determine what copy to use when a location has time that is not sold to an advertiser." Again, imagine the above Kelo-TV scenario and then imagine CBS saying that essentially they can't control Kelo. Click here for pics of the billboards, scroll down to number 9.

I'm sure this is just a coincidence, but Clear Channel recently announced that Fox News will be their main provider of hourly news updates on their news/talk stations. You know, "Fair and Balanced."

And this. Seems Clear Channel has made the decision to let the FCC run their human resources department. In a self-important press release on their website entitled "Broadcast Decency", the following can be found, "If the FCC accuses us of wrongdoing by issuing a proposed fine, we will take immediate action. We will suspend the DJ in question, and perform a swift investigation. If we or the government ultimately determine the offending broadcast is indecent, the DJ will be terminated without delay." We or the government? Really? I hate to call names, but if the swastika fits...

And then my favorite. An anti-war group called Project Billboard actually purchased space on a Clear Channel billboard in Times Square only to have Clear Channel pull the plug due to the content of the ad. The billboard was to have the inflammatory slogan "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War." Damn Left Wing media!


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