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Social Security Media Blitz?

From Reuters

"President Bush will spearhead an election-style public relations campaign early next year to try to convince Americans that Social Security is in urgent need of change but will keep dollar and cent details deliberately vague, analysts and officials say."

I can't help but wonder what this media blitz will look like. I don't think Bush really has a plan. He won't even answer questions about it now. The only details, if you want to call them that, are that this is an immediate crisis, we won't cut benefits, we won't raise payroll taxes and we have no plan to pay for the transition costs to partial privatization.

Now make no mistake, this "partial privatization" is really the end of Social Security if it comes to pass. The whole "crisis" is centered on the assertion that the system will run out of money if benefits are not cut or taxes not increased. That being said, how will allowing people to take 2% of what they currently contribute to the system, out of the system, while at the same time not cutting benefits and not raising taxes, fix the problem? Seems to me that will only make the system run out of money faster.

When this media blitz begins, just keep in mind this is not Social Security reform or fixing Social Security, it an end to Social Security.


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