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Can You Imagine the Phone Call?

French President Jacques Chirac proposed an international tax today designed to generate money for the worldwide fight against AIDS. Among other things his plan would add a $1 tax to every airline ticket sold in the world and would tax international financial transactions. He claims this would raise as much as $10 billion a year.

"President Bush? This is Jacques Chirac. I have an idea. Lets add a $1 to the price of every airline ticket sold worldwide and use the money to fight AIDS. What do you say?"

raucous laughter on the other end. "I'm sorry Jock. It sounded like ya said ADD $1 to the price of airline tickets. Wouldn't that be a tax? See Jock we don't DO taxes here anymore, especially not to cure some homosexual disease like AIDS. Thanks for callin tho Jock." More raucous laughter.

(The preceding was a dramatization)


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