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DNC Sets Sites on Virginia

"After losing every southern state in the November presidential election, Democrats are investing heavily in Virginia's upcoming gubernatorial race.This week, the Democratic National Committee said it would contribute $5-million to the race, with $1.5 million going directly to the campaign of Lt. Gov. Timothy Kaine, who hopes to replace term-limited Democrat Mark Warner in the 2005 election. Press reports say the DNC's $5-million contribution is the most it has ever pumped into a Virginia gubernatorial race." More

All I would say is we don't just need money to be poured into this or any other race, we need a clear coherent message that speaks to the single issue voters the GOP has been so good at targeting. All the money in the world is not going to make a person who votes only because they believe that Democrats think it is OK for their 17 year old daughter to use abortion as birth control or the person who believes that gay marriage will be the end of Western Civilization, vote for a Democrat. All that money is great, but we all need to look to Montana and their new Gov. Elect Brian Schweitzer for guidance. He just won a traditionally Republican state by crafting a message that soothed the bogus fears that have been instilled in single issue voters for generations by the GOP while continuing to campaign on traditional Democrat values like civil and human rights, fair taxation, health care etc, and it worked. I hope Virginia uses the money wisely.


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