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The following is from a column by Pat Buchanan and posted on a SD Right-Wing blog:

"The real story is who was behind this criminal conspiracy to bring down a president of the United States, using fake and forged U.S. government documents, which is a felony. And who knew of the plot?
In this conspiracy, CBS and Rather were complicit. They fenced the counterfeit documents – innocently, they say. Yet, their behavior is more like that of guilty accomplices than beguiled victims.

The unanswered questions are these: Who created the fake documents? Was it Bill Burkett alone? Who placed Col. Killian's signature onto the counterfeits? How many people knew this hit on President Bush was going down? Did the Democratic National Committee or Kerry campaign know, in advance, CBS was going to dump on Bush?

Why haven't CBS or ex-Attorney General Richard Thornburgh called in the U.S. attorney's office and turned over all evidence they have of this felony, designed to assassinate the character of the president and timed to effect his defeat in the election of 2004? "

I have a question (by the way I fully expect people to call me crazy when I ask this question, but I'm asking anyway) why hasn't Karl Rove hauled those involved into court yet? Could it possibly be that, as Rather has said, the story itself is true even if the documents where forged (and I will admit they where forged)? I know nobody wants to consider that possibility, but what other reason could there be? One would think that Rove and Bush would jump at the chance to prosecute those would plot to bring him down.


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