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The Real Media Crisis

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Nick Coleman:

"Alarm bells have been set off by the news that Armstrong Williams, a syndicated columnist and conservative commentator, failed to disclose that he was paid $241,000 by the U.S. Department of Education to promote the controversial No Child Left Behind Act. Instead, he took the money and ran, calling NCLB 'the best legislation that has been put forth in the last 20 years to raise the academic standards of inner-city and urban schools.'"

"During last fall's election campaign, South Dakota Democrat Tom Daschle was regularly thumped by two Web sites whose operators -- it was revealed after the election --were paid by the campaign of Daschle's Republican opponent, John Thune. Neither of their blogs disclosed that they were being paid by Thune, who is Senator Thune now. And the episode should raise a huge red flag."

"Jeffrey Dubner, from the online site of the American Prospect, suggests commentators take an oath:
'I swear that I have never taken money -- whether directly or indirectly -- from any political campaign or government agency -- whether federal, state, or local -- in exchange for any service performed in my job as a journalist (or commentator, or blogger, or whatever you think I should be called).'"

I am willing to take that oath. I challenge all other South Dakota bloggers to do the same, left and right both. I can't wait to see the right wing SD blogs saying I'm attacking them on this when I just said I'm challenging ALL bloggers to take the oath.


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