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Reform Auto Insurance Now!

I've been thinking about it and this whole car insurance thing is a racket. It's the worst deal ever (even worse than Social Security). I mean I pay all this money to a big insurance company and unless I am unfortunate enough to get in a accident I will never see a penny back. Even if I have an accident it would actually have to be my fault in order to collect otherwise the other person's insurance would pick up the tab. If I am lucky enough to actually cause an accident at some point then sure I will get to collect, but maybe not as much as I already paid into the system, and then the bastards will raise my premiums.

What right does the government have to tell me that I have to carry car insurance in order to drive MY car. I mean it's MY money and MY car. I've been paying my own auto insurance for the last 15 years and not one claim so far. Just imagine if I had put that money in a private account. I would have enough money in there by now to buy a new car if something ever happened to mine. Sure, I know that if I had an accident after only one or two years of paying myself instead of an insurance company, that I would be out of luck, but still, it's MY money. If I want to take foolish risks with it, that's my business.

I am sick of those big insurance companies taking MY money and redistributing it to a bunch of losers who don't know how to drive. That's it, I'm writing my Senator.


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