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Republican Lies

The Republicans want you to believe that Democrats think you are dumb. They also want you to think that they believe you are smart and capable to taking care of yourself in every situation.

This is, at best, a Republican myth, I call it a lie.

First, here is what Republicans want you think Democrats think of you, "Democratic politicians see voters as incompetent pawns that are only useful insofar as they can help the party win elections."

And then this one, "Do Democratic politicians only see voters as possessors of wisdom to the extent that they have the brains to put Democratic politicians in power? To Democrats, the wisdom of voters apparently does not extend beyond that act of voting."

These little gems are courtesy of John Tamny at the

Then consider these two stories from North Dakota. Keep in mind, these two items came out of the North Dakota House of Representatives on the exact same day as reported by the
Grand Forks Herald.

"An 18-year-old man returning from military service in Iraq can buy cigarettes at a gas station but can't move in with his girlfriend, North Dakota's House of Representatives decided Wednesday."

Listen to the right-wing party line on smoking, "Several lawmakers argued it would be hypocritical to allow 18-year-olds to fight for their country but prohibit them from smoking.
'An individual who is 18 years old is a consenting adult in this state and should be fully capable of making a decision whether they want to smoke or not,' said Rep. Todd Porter, R-Mandan."

Now I will give you that it is hard to argue against that statement. Except when you consider the conclusion the same body of lawmakers came to on the same day about couples living together "in sin."

"The House also voted down a proposal that would remove a law against unmarried, unrelated people of the opposite sex living together."

Let the hypocrites explain, "Several lawmakers voiced opposition to the bill on the House floor. Rep. Dan Ruby, R-Minot, called it a 'social standards' issue. 'I think it sends a message to not only the rest of the people in North Dakota, but especially our young,' Ruby said."

Oh there's more. This is from Rep. Pat Galvin, R-Hazen, "The concept of the traditional marriage and the traditional family right now is more under attack than it ever has been under in our lives, and I don't want to be one that contributes to this."

So I think I have this correct, and please, correct me if I'm wrong, but Republicans believe that people, even 18 year olds, even gays, even people who "live in sin" are capable of and in fact have the right to manage their own Social Security accounts. Keeping in mind that even the most seasoned investor hires professional help to navigate Wall Street, the GOP thinks it's fine to turn over the only guaranteed retirement funds people have to people who possibly have never invested in the past and have no idea what they are doing. The complexities of individual accounts include, but are not limited to, no disability insurance, no life insurance, no idea how much the administrative costs will be, and no plan for how to pay for the transitional costs. Somehow though, every Tom, Dick and Harry will always make the right decisions with their individual accounts. Nobody's ever gone broke in the stock market right?

Conversely, those same 18 year olds, gays and cohabitators simply don't have the mental makeup to decide who, or if they want to marry.

Now somebody please tell who thinks voters are, what was the phrase again? Oh yeah, "incompetent pawns"?


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