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Republicans Hate the First Amendment

From the Rocky Mountain News. "A Denver police sergeant is under investigation for allegedly threatening to arrest a woman Monday for displaying on her truck a derogatory bumper sticker about President Bush."

Shasta Bates proudly displays a bumper sticker on her truck that simply says Fuck Bush. Some Conservative do-gooder called the cops on her and the cop told her she had to remove it or he would arrest her. "He told her that this was a warning and that the next time he saw her truck, she was going to be arrested if she didn't remove the sticker," said Alinna Figueroa, 25, assistant manager of The UPS Store where the confrontation took place. "I couldn't believe it."

"Karasek (the police officer) then walked into the store and confronted Bates.

"He said, 'You need to take off those stickers because it's profanity and it's against the law to have profanity on your truck,' " Bates said. "Then he said, 'If you ever show up here again, I'm going to make you take those stickers off and arrest you. Never come back into that area.' "

I guess it's only "illegal" to have profanity on a bumper sticker at that particular location? "Never come back into that area?"

Of course the ACLU points out that, "The Supreme Court considered a case about 30-some years ago where a person was prosecuted for wearing a jacket that said, 'F--- the draft,' on the back. The Supreme Court said states could not prohibit people from wearing such a jacket," he said. "They said, 'One man's profanity is another man's lyric.' "

Another man's lyric huh? That reminds...There once was a lady from Nantucket...oh wait, that's a limerick not a lyric.

Well, all I have to say (and I learned this from South Dakota Republicans when it comes to smoking in public), if you don't like bumper stickers that say "Fuck Bush" then shop someplace where people don't have bumper stickers that say "Fuck Bush."


At 1/27/2005 02:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It reminds me of that movie, "Larry Flint vs. the people"

Sid from NF


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