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SD to Ban Gay Marriage?

According to A Progressive on the Prairie, "Today a bill was introduced in the South Dakota Legislature proposing an amendment to the South Dakota Constitution banning gay marriage. It would also such render invalid such things as civil unions and domestic partnerships." The post goes on to point out that there is tremendous support for the bill in the legislature, and I have no doubt it will pass when it comes to a popular vote, probably by a wide margin.

My question is this. Why are Republicans willing to fight to the death for your right to smoke anywhere you want, but equally willing to fight to the death to keep you from loving whomever you choose to love? Somehow one should be able to choose to smoke whenever and where ever one would like, but when it comes to expressing one's love, one can't be trusted, the state must define it for you. I guess it's "your money" so you know best when it comes to retirement, but the state owns your sexuality and the state knows best. It's a good thing we didn't put it to a popular vote when blacks and women where given the right to vote.


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