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All Republicans Care About is Politics

For Republicans to succeed they have to have an enemy. It used to the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, now it is gays, abortions and Social Security. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that Republicans now in office as well as those that would run for office, have no real interest in making changes to these issues. I mean they own the House, the Senate, the White House and the Supreme Court and yet no bills regarding same-sex-marriage on a Federal level, no bills outlawing abortion on a Federal level and even though Bush seems sincere about changing Social Security, the only real plan so far is that there is no plan. In his words "everything is on the table."

The interesting thing about the whole Social Security thing is what might be the ulterior motives of Bush. Take the first two stops on his Social Security tour, North Dakota and Nebraska. Why, one might ask, remote locations such as these. Well, both state overwhelmingly voted for Bush and yet have Democrat Senators who happen to be up for re-election in two years. It it becoming obvious that in addition to the Democrats in the Senate, there are a number of Republicans like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Lincoln Chafee who also oppose Bush's Social Security plan. It seems, that the plan now is, go to "Red" states where Democrat Senators are up for re-election soon and blame them for a Social Security crisis that doesn't exist in an effort to get even more Republicans elected.

They don't even try to write legislation changing laws regarding gay marriage and abortion, because if those laws where actually changed the Republicans would lose their two most effective campaign tools. Go ahead and try to tell me what a Republican would campaign on if same-sex-marriage and abortion where both illegal.

When will rank and file Republicans start to blame the people they have elected for not doing something about what they feel are important issues? So far the Republicans continue to blame the evil Democrats for everything the Republican base holds dear but can't change. At some point, hopefully soon, these rank and file Republicans will start to look around and ask what has to happen for these changes to take place? As I said earlier, the Republicans own the whole of the Federal government. If not now then when?

The Republicans always have alternate agenda's. They don't really care so much about tort reform, what they do care about is that trial lawyers traditionally give large amounts of money to Democrats and they want that money to dry up in order to get even more Republicans elected.

Bush won't close the Mexican border even though terrorists could and maybe already have enter the country very easily that way. Why? Because he want's Hispanics to vote for Republicans to get even more Republicans elected.

Karl Rove's stated plan is to create a permanent Republican majority in the Federal government. It's time we all realized that is their only agenda. They only care about abortion and same-sex-marriage, and Social Security and anything else you can think of in so far as how they can use it to create an even larger majority in Congress.

The Republican party is heading for a meltdown, it's just a matter of time.


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