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I Wanna Be...I Wanna Be Like Sibby

We always knew Sibby thought he was smarter than us, but now he has said as much, ( I added the emphasis in the entire post) "But there is still hope. Like me they can get smart, grow up, and become conservatives."

Preceding that quote Sibby had this to say, "Todd Epp graciously thanked me for all the traffic I sent his way when I linked to his blog the other day. But when his supporting cast of wet-behind-the-ears and snot-nosed kids (plus one old guy) link to my blog, I get only a handful of hits."

I can on only assume that is a thinly veiled attack on me as well as others. While I won't presume to speak for the other "wet-behind-the-ears and snot-nosed kids" or the "old guy", I will respond for myself.

First of all, if growing up and getting smart means being like Sibby then I hope to stay young and dumb for the rest of my life.

Now lets look at just how grown up Sibby is. On the top of his blog Sibby says the following, "Sibby Online, In Search of the Truth". In reality it should say, "Sibby Online, in search of my name in print in the mainstream media".

Remember in late November and early December when Sibby was on an almost daily rant about Steve Hemmingsen? If not check out his archives under "Media Bias". The whole point, I guess, was to get Hemmingsen to say the David Kranz was in Tom Daschle's pocket. If one reads closely though the real motivation is apparent. The following is from a post on 11/30/04 entitled "Sibby left out in the Cold".

"Steve Hemmingsen's column mentioned the impact two of the DBA bloggers (Jon & Jason) had in the 2004 South Dakota Senate race. Like the National Journal column a couple of weeks ago, he took issue with the money they received from the Thune campaign.

I did not get one red cent from the Thune campaign. This is not a complaint. I did not start Sibby Online in search of money. As it says at the top, I am in search of the truth. It's the truth that Hemmingsen and the mainstream media can't handle.

But I do have a problem with not being mentioned by Hemmingsen and the National Journal."

Later on the same post Sibby whines even more (very mature). This time Hemmingsen credited South Dakota Politics with finding a connection between Kranz and Daschle when they where both in college. Sibby couldn't let that go unchallenged.

"For the record, I was the one who found the Kranz-Daschle college connection."

Jealousy is not attractive on you Sibby.

Sibby's real motivation reared it's ugly head again, just last week. In a post dated 2/18/05 and entitled "Argus Leader Contradicts CBS News".

Sibby starts by quoting an article written by Dotty Lynch, "These articles then got a huge amount of play on the blogs of John Lauck and Jason Van Beek, and were picked up by other conservative sites and talk radio."

Then Sibby reaches for Holy Grail of affirmation in the media by claiming that Lynch was referring directly to him is some sort of code. "Also note that I was the blogger (I think CBS News refers to me as one of those other conservative sites) who first reported the college connection of Tom Daschle and David Kranz. That was how Jeff Gannon found out. I was not paid by the Thune campaign. I am only in search of the truth. Too bad the Argus Leader and CBS News are not."

Shall we take a look at some other signs that Sibby is more grown up and smarter than we are? Yes. I think we shall.

In a post 2/18/05 and entitled "Democrats on Christian Values", Sibby starts by quoting the Bible to us, I guess to show us how much better he is than we are, and then finishes with this, "Jesus taught us about tolerance. The Democrats can talk the talk about tolerance, but they cannot walk the walk when dealing with an alleged prostitute, and a gay one at that. Looks like it is the Democrats who are in the role of the Pharisiees."

I found it odd that Sibby would want to preach to us about tolerance on the same day that Dirty Flower reported on Sibby's testimony in front of the South Dakota state legislature on House Bill 1190 which would allow out-of-staters with a concealed weapons permit the right to carry a loaded concealed weapon in South Dakota. Sibby told quite a story about his own experience in needing a concealed weapon while on vacation. Go to Dirty Flower to read his entire testimony, but allow me to summarize.

Seems Sibby got lost in Indianapolis and found himself in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. Then the trouble started. First, an elderly black woman looked at him. Then a younger black man looked at him. Of course Sibby being so grown up, smart and tolerant like Jesus figured anyone looking his way in that neighborhood must be "Mr. Bad Guy." So, Sibby now admits he repeatedly broke the law be exceeding the speed limit and running stop lights. When Sibby had finally cheated death he reflected on the near miss with his wife. "And I was sitting there and I told my wife, 'You know, why is my South Dakota's drivers license honored in any state you go into, but my concealed carry permit is not' I left that gun at home. And, uh, only way to carry it legally is to have it locked in my trunk unloaded. And what good what that do? 'Mr. Badguy, can you just wait till I load my gun before I defend myself?'"

Wow, you really are tolerant just like Jesus. Defend yourself? From what? If you ever see Sibby at a stop light don't look at him if your in South Dakota, because he's probably packing heat. While Sibby wonders why his South Dakota drivers license is valid in other states but not his concealed carry permit, I wonder why my marriage license from say Massachusetts, is valid there but in say South Dakota? I guess Sibby's message is tolerance for concealed weapons owners but not for homosexuals. I must have missed that distinction in the Bible.

Sibby must be smart though, because he has figured out a way that anyone, even a Wal-Mart employee making minimum wage and never getting a raise, can retire a multi-millionaire. The following is from a post entitled "Social Security, Socialism and the lying left" dated 12/28/04. It's kind a long post, here is the good part.

"So now let's invest the money into the stock market via the diversification of a mutual fund. I use the Janus fund for some of my retirement savings. Since the fund started in 1970, it has averaged a 14.26% return over the 34-year period. At that rate, the Wal-Mart employee nest egg would explode to $4,870,829. That's right, nearly $5 million. If you sold the stock and bought 5% bonds, your monthly income would be $20,295. Now that is a far cry from $900 per month."

Wow! Even Bush and Rove aren't promising that. Course Sibby is probably smarter than they are too.


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