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The Lie of Liberal College Professors

Almost daily Sean Hannity (it's only a matter of time before we find out this weasel is on the Bush/Rove payroll) rants on and on about how Liberal professors are "brainwashing" the youth of America. Like everything else from the Right side of the aisle, this is simply a lie. Exhibit number one is Professor Jon Lauck right here in South Dakota.

Before we go any further it is probably appropriate to see just where these wackos are coming from. The following was written by a 21-year old law student at Duke.

"The reality of liberal bias on campus is so overwhelming that columnists and commentators are forced to choose between countless illustrations. Whether examining the anti-Christian bent at the University of North Carolina, where one student was labeled a sexist bigot for asserting his personal belief that homosexuality is immoral and Alpha Iota Omega Christian Fraternity was derecognized (should have gone to English class, derecognize is not a word)as a student organization for refusing to admit non-Christians"

As I was reading this I half expected the next line to say it was perfectly acceptable for a student to assert his "personal belief" that blacks should be paid less than whites for doing the same job, or that a public schools should be allowed to openly not adimit Jews. Is this really what Conservative college students should be caring about? Shouldn't they be more concerned with what they are taught in say Economics classes?

Here is more

"Some universities try to institute campus speech codes, limiting dialogue to their understanding of political correctness. Most just lambaste conservative students. At UNC-Charlotte, the resident College Republican chapter recently hosted their third annual 'affirmative action' bake sale. Treats were offered at lower prices to traditionally recognized minorities, protesting how affirmative action universities' accept minorities with comparatively lower academic credentials. Kristen McManus, UNC-Charlotte's Associate Director for Academic Initiatives for Mentoring Students, was quick to label the practice as racist. Titling the communiqué, 'Racist Practice at UNCC,' McManus e-mailed the press and warned them of the College Republicans' 'egregious methodology.' After this slur, will members of the UNC-Charlotte College Republicans remain comfortable coming to McManus for academic assistance? Would you feel safe around someone who called you a racist?"

Would you feel safe sending your child to a University that would just sit back and allow racist activities like this to continue? They where only called racists because they are!

Conservative crazies in Ohio are actually trying to get legislation passed that would prevent professors from discussing "controversial matters" in the classroom. In addition it would set up a grievance system in case you feel wronged by your professor. Like nearly everything out of the Republicans these days, this legislation is aimed at a problem that simply doesn't exist and the legislation itself is so vague it could never be enforced. "Controversial matters"? What exactly does that mean? Some feel that the Holocaust never happened and so teaching that it did might be "controversial" and should be omitted. This is all part of the New Rights preference for surrounding themselves with like-minded sycophants so they never have to have their beliefs challenged. How about this, if you identify yourself as a Republican at a state university you can just give yourself the grade you feel you deserve. Just cut out the middle man.

Here is quote from one of those supposed "Liberal" professors.

"I think there needs to be a guarantee that no student will be prejudiced for voicing a personal opinion that might be at odds with the professor," said Cleveland State law professor David Forte.

Forte then expounds,

"If it is a political science class, [students] will get a liberal perspective and they won't hear many opposing views," Forte said. "Many students are uncomfortable with this."

Now Republican more than most would tell you that the purpose of college is to prepare students for the "real world". When one enters the "real world" they may come across a boss who is an asshole and many people are uncomfortable with this. What are they going to do then? Cry to Sean Hannity? If you disagree with a professor raise your hand and argue with him. I went to college, it happened all the time and not just Conservative student vs. Liberal professor either. Never once did I hear of a student at my college who flunked a class or got a lower grade due political differences with a professor. Suck it up and be a grown up. I think it's nice that the party of personal responsibility doesn't want their youth to take any.

I think Kerry Howling at Reason.com sums it up best.

"No one seriously doubts that the average campus is a liberal enclave or believes diversity on elite campuses extends past skin color. But is it really so poisonous? The words "brainwashing" and "indoctrination" cannot possibly be less applicable to media savvy American students, and the idea that an 18-year-old is an empty receptacle waiting to be pumped full of Marxism is its own brand of absurdity. Harvard Yard is not a totalitarian state, and after a required helping of queer lit, a student can always switch to C-Span and watch a gay escort throw softballs to President Bush for a heady dose of conservative ideology."

They lying Right has no shame.


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