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Pataki Spends Party Money on Maid for His Wife

Michelle Stubbs has a pretty cool $50,000 a year job working as an "Administrative Aid" to Gov. and Mrs. Pataki at the expense of the New York State Republican Party.

"The state Republican Party worker described by Gov. Pataki's staff as an "administrative aide" to his wife has had to trot to Albany to pick up chef-prepared meals for Mrs. Pataki, haul lawn furniture around at the family mansion, and do pool maintenance, a close pal told The Post yesterday."

Stubbs ex-boyfriend spilled the beans to the New York Post. "She did a lot, bringing in and taking out the lawn furniture during the seasons, making sure the pool was running,"

Of course Pataki is playing dumb. When asked if Stubbs does personal chores for his wife, the Gov replied, "Not that I'm aware of."

So maybe this ex-boyfriend just has an axe to grind since he is now the ex-boyfriend. Except for this, "The Post revealed yesterday that Stubbs had been secretly put on the state Republican Party's payroll in 1999 to serve as Libby Pataki's "maid" and "personal valet."


If Republicans cared about ethics and laws and silly things like that they might be interested in the fact that, "Under state law, campaign funds cannot be used for personal expenses."

At least some New York Republicans are upset, "It infuriates me," said James Balsley, a Manhattan design consultant who gave the state GOP $100 last year


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