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Republicans Just Don't Get It

As they always do, Republicans are again playing the race card. This time in regards to abortion. Even African-American Conservatives are joining in. According to BlackGenocide.com "For every five African-American women who get pregnant, three have an abortion." Here are some more fun facts from that website:

-- Since 1973, more than twice as many blacks have died from abortion than from heart disease, cancer, accidents, violent crimes and AIDS combined
-- Blacks make up about 12 percent of the population in the United States but account for 32 percent of the abortions
-- About 1,450 black infants are aborted every day in this country

I first came across this information in an article that appears at CNSNews.com. In that article there are all sorts of anecdotes that they try to make only African-American in nature but that in reality could be about anyone.

Like this, "Many poor children see their mothers, often in a single-parent situation, begin to have their stomachs rise and talk happily about having a child, but at some point, there's no more talk of a baby. And the children hear the mother say: 'I got rid of it.' These children, often at a very young age, hear or see or understand that this life, which was once being celebrated, has been terminated."

I especially like this little bit of "investigative reporting" on Planned Parenthood. "In Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts and Ohio, the communities containing all of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics had much higher black populations than their respective states, while Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming -- all of which have low black populations -- have none of the organization's abortion facilities"

Of course the fact that according the the 2000 census to combined populations of Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts and Ohio was 34,468,215 while the combined populations of Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming where a paltry 10,513,217. Of course sheer numbers of people wouldn't have anything to do with where Planned Parenthood has abortion facilities. Nope, the only factor is where the black people are. Not to mention the fact that both Massachusetts and Ohio have African-American populations that are below the national average of 12.3%. This "investigation" also doesn't explain why little old South Dakota with a population of 754,844 and a black population of of only .06% does have a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Well, Republicans are never one's to let facts get in the way of playing the race card.

I also found it interesting that in neither the article nor the website was there any mention of birth control or sex education as a way of preventing "black genocide". Also, they don't seem to care much about these kids once they are born. They completely ignore the facts about African-Americans in the judicial system. "Among men, blacks (28.5%) are about six times more likely than whites (4.4%) to be admitted to prison during their life. Among women, 3.6% of blacks and 0.5% of whites will enter prison at least once. (U.S. Department of Justice) Based on current rates of incarceration, an estimated 7.9% of black males compared to 0.7% of white males will enter State of Federal prison by the time they are age 20 and 21.4% of black males versus 1.4% of white males will be incarcerated by age 30. (U.S. Department of Justice) Some have noted that more black men are in prison in America than are in college. (The Black and White of Justice, Freedom Magazine, Volume 128)"

Republicans are like a broken record. "Sanctity of life, sanctity of life." They just don't care much about actually preventing abortion or about helping people once the child is actually born. See they just like to kill them later at the states expense with a lot of fanfare and media around.


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