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Thune Blog A-Lie-Ance and Jeff Gannon

From the Nashua Adovate,

"According to Dan Pfeiffer, former spokesman for Tom Daschle--the U.S. Senate Minority Leader until his defeat in the 2004 general election--Jeff Gannon's use of assumed identities was information available to the media as far back as the summer of 2003.

It was then, more than a year and a half ago, that Pfeiffer received an e-mail from someone claiming to be a citizen of South Dakota, wanting to know the Daschle campaign's reaction to a story by "Jeff Gannon."

The concerned "citizen of South Dakota" turned out to be Gannon himself, as the Daschle campaign quickly uncovered by tracking the e-mail account from which the query had been sent, "jdg17@aol.com." That e-mail address led Daschle campaign staffers to Gannon's AOL
website, at which point the entire campaign became instantly aware that Gannon, then a White House correspondent for "Talon News," had attempted to deceive them. This incident, combined with Gannon's "reporting" of the 2004 general election in South Dakota and the sheer oddity of his website, prompted the Daschle campaign to conclude Gannon was not a legitimate reporter."

There's more,

"According to Pfeiffer, the campaign sent Gannon's website address and news of his attempted deceit of the Daschle camp to several reporters. That's right: members of the media had access to Gannon's website more than a year and a half ago."

Love that "Liberal" media.

"A South Dakota reporter, who asked not to be identified, has confirmed to The Nashua Advocate that he received an e-mail from the Daschle campaign containing a link to Gannon's AOL
website, but said there was no evidence the Daschle campaign knew anything about Gannon's background as an escort, and he (the reporter) did not consider the e-mail an attempt to discredit Gannon."

I'd love to know who that reporter is. No evidence the Daschle campaign knew anything about Gannon's background as an escort? They had his website address which has links to his escort solicitations. Not an attempt to discredit Gannon? What was it then? Just thought you might like to hire this guy for a night so here you go? Ridiculous.

"In the summer of 2003, Gannon's bizarre behavior and incredibly unprofessional web presence were known by many in the political mainstream, including, according to Pfeiffer, staffers of U.S. Senator John Corzine (D-NJ), among others. Despite this, no reporting was done on Gannon, and no questions were asked."

Here is the good part,

"Said Gannon of Lauck and Van Beek, 'We traded information back and forth.' There is no word yet as to whether Gannon fully understands or appreciates what he's thus admitted to: that, as a White House reporter, he was feeding opposition research information to a pending G.O.P. Senate campaign."

"Asked about the information-sharing between a White House reporter and two bloggers on the Thune payroll, Alex Conant of John Thune's Washington, D.C office told The Advocate that the Thune campaign did not and does not consider Lauck a Thune "staffer"; Lauck, Conant said, was merely paid for "research" and "debate preparation."


On the other hand, Lauck was blogging throughout the 2004 general election, consistently with favorable coverage of Thune, and was being paid $27,000 by the campaign.

Apparently, to hear the Thune folks tell it, that nearly $30,000 revenue stream was compensation for Lauck--well, what, being a research monkey and lobbing softballs at Thune (like Gannon at McClellan and Bush, ironically) during fake debates?

It is important to note that the Thune campaign had a prior awareness of Lauck's stunning February 20th, 2005 claim about the Daschle campaign prior to The Nashua Advocate's directing their attention to it--not, you know, that they were paying any attention to the online activities of a man formerly on their payroll.
Conant denied that Lauck was paid to blog, and denied any knowledge whatsoever of Lauck and Gannon's information-sharing activities."

I don't know about you but I feel Senator Thune is doing a fine job respresenting South Dakota values.


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