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Time to Fight Back

Todd Epp at Thune Watch and other concerned Democrats are making plans to hold John Thune and the South Dakota press accountable in regards to the Jeff Gannon affair. Here is the plan,

-Raise money for radio advertisements.

-Hold a news conference calling upon the SD media to ask John Thune to investigate Thune’s ties to Gannon.
-Ask Thune to come clean about his ties to Gannon.
-Play the radio spots that would start airing that day.
-Hand out a packet of information about “Gannongate” from national press stories and reliable blogs.
-Have people call the talk radio stations that day about the issue.
-Have bloggers blog the story and our activities.
-Follow up as needed.

Right now the most important part of the plan is the raise the money part, without it we can't do anything. Please contact Todd if you can help. This is important, we can't let Thune and the media just slide by without being held accountable. Please help if you can. Go to
Thune Watch for more details and Todd's contact info.


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