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Christian School Says "Hit Your Child or Find a New School"

This is the most incredibly ridiculous story I've ever heard. From the Chicago Tribune.

"Chandler Scott Fallaw, a rambunctious boy, had been piling up disciplinary notes for talking, chewing gum, bringing toys to class and not finishing classwork, said his mother, Michelle Fallaw-Gabrielson. 'By no means is my child perfect,' she acknowledged.

But she never anticipated the ultimatum delivered at school Wednesday.

When she arrived to pick up Chandler, she said, assistant administrator Linda Moreau told her the school needed assurances that the boy would be disciplined. "She said, `Either he gets a spanking before he leaves today, or I'm suspending him,'" Fallaw-Gabrielson recalled."

Wow! Talking. Chewing gum. Bringing toys to class. He's got a rap sheet a mile long!

This next part would be funny if it wasn't so sad. "She said she refused to spank her son and left with the assistant administrator calling after her: 'You know he's suspended, and that's a very serious matter on his record.'"

On his record? Do these guys report directly to the Dept of Homeland Security? Oh shit they probably do. This poor kid is probably branded for life now. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity will probably be calling him a terrorist by tomorrow.

Actually, it seems the school in question, Schamburg Christian School, has this rule right in their handbook. "Parent-administered corporal punishment" is part of the disciplinary system for pre-kindergarten through 6th-grade children. The parent/student handbook states that "When this becomes necessary, parents will be asked to administer this form of punishment."

So I guess, that in order to send your child to this oh-so-Christian school, parents have to agree to hit their own children on orders of some tyrant school administrator. That's comforting.

This next part is the really illustrative passage. School administrator Randy Thaxton commented on the situation, "When it gets to the point where the teacher can't solve the problem in the classroom, and the administration can't solve the problem, we ask parents to fix the problem," he said. "We'd say, `look, our policy is you have an option. You can spank your child, or we will suspend him for the day.'"

Incredible. When it gets to the point that the teacher and the administrator can't do their jobs then make the parents hit the kid or they can't come back to school.

Now lest you think this young person is not intelligent consider this, "One of the problems, his mother said, was that the school did not deal creatively with a rowdy but polite 6-year-old who tests at the 3rd-grade level and may have been restless and bored."

So here we have a 1st grader capable to doing 3rd grade work and when his teacher fails to challenge him and he gets bored in class and starts to talk, their solution is to make his mother hit him in front of them.

Can't wait to get those vouchers to send my kids to a private Christian school.


At 3/09/2005 12:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. She absolutely expected it because she was told a 1 day suspension or spanking was the next step in the process it he kept misbehaving.
2. She has spanked her son at the school numerous times before.
3. She had an option to take a 1 day suspension over the spanking.
4. This was the last step in a long progression of disciplinary measures the school had tried (ie the kid is a serious troublemaker)
5. She signed an authorization form saying she agreed with the school's perfectly legal policy.


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